Going to College in Australia: A Survival Guide

Going to College in Australia: A Survival Guide

When mulling over the idea of taking your academic goals to Australia, there are a few vital pieces of information you need to have; the ins and outs of getting the best of your college experience in the land Down Under. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here you will find all you need to know about kicking off a new era in your life and take successful first steps. This is a great country, so sit back, read on and prepare yourself for a college experience like no other. After all, what’s there not to love. The vibrant nightlife, the uniqueness of Australia’s flora and fauna, or the friendly people and gorgeous architecture?

Life, oh live

When it comes to student-friendly cities, Melbourne takes the crown. First of all, it’s the home of seven highly ranked universities, so you have quite the choice. However, we are aware that college life entails more than just great education. But this city won’t let you down in any aspect as it’s known as both the sporting and cultural capital of Australia. Still, the reason why it is one of the best places for students is the diversity of the population. This, in turn, means that you won’t have any trouble fitting in no matter where you come from. When speaking of fitting in, Brisbane is just as open and friendly, and the art scene is impressive, so if you’re an art lover, this city will definitely feel like home. For those who want it all and want it now, Sydney is the obvious choice.

First of all, its universities are among the fifty highest ranked ones in the world, and for a goal-getter, this is highly important. Of course, the cosmopolitan living, vicinity to Bondi Beach and Sydney Opera House comes at a price, so this isn’t perfect environment for those living on a budget. On the other hand, if your interest in nature trumps your interest in high-life, Canberra might just fit the bill. What the capital lacks in entertainment, it makes up for with incredible nature consisting of a man-made lake in the heart of the city and nature reserves all around. For somebody who loves being surrounded by nature and tranquility, there’s no better place than Canberra.

Getting around

When speaking of Melbourne in terms of transportation, this budget item is fairly cheap. And you can choose between various means of transportation ranging from train, tram, bus and taxi to even biking around, and the same goes for Brisbane, except that this city also offers the CityCat Ferries as well as water taxis. Transportation is best organized in Sydney; but again, it will cost more and it’s a tad more complicated now that it features smart cards and you’ll have to ask for help in order to find them, as they are not easy to acquire. As far as the capital goes, getting around is a piece of cake, as you can choose between public transportation and there are numerous other options such as the park and paddle, and bike and ride.

A place to call your own

One of the major concerns international students have is accommodation. But when it comes to Australia, there is no reason to feel stressed. Although every type of accommodation you choose will be perfectly suitable. There is the cool, ultra-convenient accommodation in Melbourne CBD. Plus, the same type of accommodation can be found in other cities across the country. There is private housing – renting an apartment, as well as the popular homestay programs and on-campus housing. The accommodation infrastructure is incredibly well-organized here, so whichever type you choose according to your needs, you will find it more than satisfactory.

Students need fun too

As a student, you already expect that you won’t be able to afford engaging in high-end activities. But there is a perk to being a student here, a loophole if you will. There are numerous places such as museums, and even classy events that offer student discount. So you might be able to cram a bit of high-life into your tight budget. Of course, there are always places that are super-affordable for students; and you can ask any of the students who’ve been there for a while for tips on where to grab a great bite and have drinks when you need to unwind without breaking the bank. With everyone so welcoming and friendly, you won’t have any trouble figuring out where to have fun on a budget.

There is pleasant climate to enjoy, gorgeous parks to walk around in, and vibrant day and nightlife places to visit. Also let’s not forget about the stunning beaches that make all other student-life struggles totally worth it. Final pearls of wisdom – learn the lingo. Even if you’re a fluent or even a native English speaker, you’ll need to learn the specific Aussie slang. Here, a mozzie is a mosquito, stoked stands for excited, or Barbie is barbecue’s pet name. We wish we could say that the list ends with these words, but that is not the case. Don’t sweat it though, you’ll pick up on things in no time. And before you know it, you won’t just feel like a true Aussie but will speak like one too.

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